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Have you tried Cheezio Pepe?

The world's first dairy-free creamy pasta sauce mix, inspired by the Italian classic Cacio e Pepe. Hand crafted by the legend Chef Roy Choi.

Cooking is about bringing people together.

I hope this magical packet of spices helps you easily create delicious meals and new memories. Just open, mix, cook and enjoy. We call that hitting a Hi Note.

- Roy Choi

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Absolutely Amazing! 

I cannot speak highly enough of Hi Note! The instructions were super easy to follow, and my food came out absolutely amazing. The ingredients are so natural and fresh. I highly recommend Hi Note to everyone, whether you have experience in the kitchen or not.

-Devon L.


Simple and delicious!

Once again, ya boy Roy Choi, knocks it outta the park with a clean vegan seasoning packet. So quick to make and so full of flavor. It might only be a few ingredients, but it packs a punch. I cannot wait for the development of other flavors!

-Kim M.



Plant based items are either hit or miss but this knocked it out of the park! The whole family enjoyed it when I made it for dinner from our 2 year old to my 85 year old Asian grandma who typically hates pasta. Thank you for making dinner easier and tastier too!

-Courtney S.


You had me at Gluten Free...

Being a foodie with a crazy schedule doesn't always work out with having epic meals every night - so I am always on the lookout for quick, easy, gluten free and of course TASTY! This packet of yumminess checked all the boxes. Thank you for making a product I can rely on!

-Kanha K.

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