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Our Story

Hi Note started with a simple idea in mind: Cooking brings people together.

Whether you’re putting dinner together on a busy weeknight, meal prepping for the week ahead, or gathering around the table on a perfectly slow Sunday, our plant-based seasoning packets help you make delicious, affordable, satisfying meals in a matter of minutes.

And because Hi Note products are made with the best quality ingredients and are always free of shady chemicals and fillers, you can trust that the food you’re making is as healthy (or indulgent!) as you want it to be—it’s all up to you, Chef.

Oh, and did we mention the chef behind our seasoning packets is Roy Choi? Read more about a few of our flavor-obsessed founders below.

Chef Roy Choi eating Cheezio Pepe in a kitchen

Our Chef- Roy Choi

Roy Choi is known as one of the architects of the modern food truck movement through Kogi BBQ by merging food and social media with community and honoring the street food culture that laid the path before him. On a global scale, Roy is co-host in the full blown Netflix cooking series 'The Chef Show' with Jon Favreau.

In 2010, Food and Wine magazine named him Best New Chef. His cookbook/memoir L.A. Son was a NY Times Bestseller in 2013. In 2016 he was named TIME 100 Most Influential People in the World.

Meet Shira, our in-house nutritionist

Shira Barlow MS, RD, is a renowned dietitian, author and nutrition expert.

Hi Note was created with Shira’s food philosophy in mind: food should be flavorful, delicious, and uncomplicated.

Most people have a strong desire to eat more thoughtfully, but our busy lives tend to get in the way. The fix: shortcuts. The simpler, more pleasant, and less taxing it is to make thoughtful food choices, the more likely we are going to keep making them. So, instead of focusing on simply eating healthier, we wanted to focus on making healthy eating easier and more flavorful without the legwork.

Clean and simple ingredients. No fillers or shady stuff. From our home kitchens to yours.

Nutritionist Shira Barlow in her kitchen

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