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Hi Note Hacks

Welcome to our Hi Note Hacks! Here you'll find a collection of fantastic alternative recipes for each one of our seasonings. Use the filters below to find exactly what you're looking for. And if you have come up with a great recipe we would love to know about it. Let us know on our Instagram page. Enjoy!

Cheezio Mashed Potatoes

Transform your traditional mashed potatoes into a creamy, comforting delight with our Cheezio Mashed Potatoes recipe. In just 30 minutes, you can enjoy the smooth, velvety texture of Yukon Gold potatoes, blended perfectly with our unique Cheezio seasoning. The dish is enriched with butter and a choice of half &...

Cheezio Brown Butter Gnocchi

Experience the quick and easy delight of our Cheezio Brown Butter Gnocchi. In just 20 minutes, transform simple ingredients into an impressive dish. Soft gnocchi pairs with a golden brown butter sauce, subtly accented by fresh sage and our unique Cheezio Pepe seasoning. It’s the ideal choice for a speedy...

Sloppy Chicken

Juicy chicken meets a golden, buttery coat with our special Sloppy seasoning, while roasted onions, carrots, and potatoes get a zesty twist from Cheezio β€” a hearty meal ready in just over an hour.

Super Fly Beef Bowl

Flank steak stir-fried with broccoli, onions, garlic and Super Fly seasoning for a quick protein-packed bowl. The beef soaks up sweet and salty flavors from the soy sauce and honey. Serve over rice or noodles for a complete meal. Garnish with chili flakes and sesame seeds if you like a...

Cheezio Broccoli Soup

This easy broccoli soup comes together in just 15 minutes. Chopped broccoli and carrots are simmered in a rich, creamy broth infused with shallots, butter, and Cheezio seasoning for maximum flavor. Enjoy this velvety, cheesy soup fresh out of the pot for a warming and comforting meal.

Sloppy Fries

Crispy fries topped with a savory beef and veggie mixture and melted cheese for a craveable treat in just 20 minutes. The beef topping is packed with flavor from the Sloppy Papi seasoning.

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